About investment

The new face of Gdynia

This unique development project in Poland and Europe will be situated in the beautiful scenery overlooking the marina and mooring yachts. A luxurious residential complex with a modern marina and a promenade with boutiques and restaurants will be a great place to live. Yacht Park will change the cityscape, and become the new face of Gdynia.

Comfortable lifestyle

This prestigious residential complex has been designed with residents’ comfort in mind. High quality and precision will be visible in every detail. Yacht Park offers 135 unique apartments situated in six 5-storey buildings which will occupy an area of 6,000 sq.m. The project will also include a modern marina for 120 yachts. As a result, Yacht Park will meet the expectations of even the most demanding residents.

Unique exposure

With an untypical trapezoid shape, Yacht Park buildings have maximum southern exposure, guaranteeing an excellent view of the sea panorama. The form of the investment was inspired by the desire to ensure that the apartments have the maximum amount of daylight and that the residents can admire the breathtaking view of the picturesque landscape of Gdynia and Zatoka Gdańska. Thanks to advanced architectural solutions, Yacht Park will be a unique place to live, rest and spend time with loved ones.

Luxury in every detail

Classical white with a tinge of subdued grey, the apartments’ elevation has been made from a combination of a wide range of highest quality materials. With huge panoramic windows, the residents will have the impression of being on a luxury yacht, and will be able to admire beautiful seaside sunsets. The buildings are separated by open, generally accessible green patios. Each element of the Yacht Park has been analyzed with a view to ensure the maximum possible use of green technology. All of this creates a luxurious place to live.

Life full of passion

Yacht Park’s uniqueness will be complemented by a modern marina inspired by the best yacht ports in the world. It will feature 120 places and professional facilities adjusted to the needs of even the most demanding sailors. A state-of-the-art facility management system will make it an ideal place for starting sea cruises and sailing expeditions.

Sophisticated interiors

Unique, impressive interiors of Yacht Park will reflect extraordinary atmosphere and excellent style. Attention to even the smallest detail seamlessly blends with modernity and luxury. Interior arrangements suited to individual needs and tastes is an ideal solution for the most demanding residents. Timeless elegance of the interiors and highest quality of their finishing perfectly meet the requirements of modern European design.